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The 83 North Group of Companies started life in 1999 as a simple computer store. Officially 83 North Inc., we have diversified into other markets to ensure the long term viability of our company.

Back in the days of just the computer store, we were located at 513 Main Street. Having outgrown our space, we expanded next door to 515 Main Street - the computer store you know today. We are the valley's largest computer store - we stock more items than most stores in most places. If you need it, we likely have it on our shelf.

83 North Computers is managed by Bill Gade. As part of Bill's vision for economic growth both of 83 North and of the entire area, we are actively pursuing sales outside our local trading area.

The printing division of 83 North was born to serve the advertising needs of the computer division. In the beginning, flyers were done on a photocopier, in black and white, and took on average four people weeks to complete. With the advances of the printing division, a much larger flyer can now be printed in color and be ready to mail in about a day and a half.

Additionally, 83 North Custom Printing is proud to provide support to other divisions in our company. We also offer printing services to the general public and can product many intersting items.

In June of 2004, one of the newest members of the 83 North Group began operation. 83 North Transport has already become a shining star of our group. Providing service in Canada and the USA, our fleet of trucks can haul almost anything and logs thousands of miles a day. With the additional of the Transport division, the 83 North Group truely became an international service company. Managed by Don Gade, the transport section of our business continues to grow.

On July 1,2006, our sister company took to the air - literally. Stillwater Broadcasting Ltd. is proud to join the 83 North Group with our flagship radio station - CJSB-FM Swan River. The station broadcasts at 104.5Mhz to an audience of about 15,000.

Whats Next? Don't worry, we have other plans up our sleeve to continue our diversification. What are they? Its too early to say. But, stay tuned.

Want Even More History?

83 North Corporate Offices
513 Main St / PO Box 1388
Swan River
Manitoba, Canada
R0L 1Z0
fax: 1-204-734-5897

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