Terms & Conditions

83 North Networks  Commission

We offer two ways to receive your commission.  You may bill your clients directly—we bill your credit card each month for the net amount—you simply keep the difference.  Or, if you prefer, we can bill your clients.  You receive your commission by cheque, less fifty cents per transaction for credit card costs. 


For example, if we bill your client who uses the Gold Hosting plan, you receive $7.50 for each month they subscribe.  However, if they elect to pay yearly, you receive $95.50 for the year.


You may choose to have some clients on each billing option.


Minimum Cheque Amount

We do not issue cheques for less then $20.  If the amount due is less then $20, we will issue a cheque when the combined amount exceeds $20.


Credit Card Billing

All accounts are billed to credit card unless your company arranges terms with 83 North Networks.  Amounts are billed in advance, on the anniversary date of the hosting agreement. 


Minimum Commitment of Resellers

We require resellers to maintain at least one client in each program in which they are enrolled.  For the free webhosting for reseller offer, hosting will be available immediately, but will be suspended if no client is enrolled in the hosting program within 6 months.


Agreements and Signatures Required

Each client you sell must complete an agreement.  Those agreements must be faxed to our office before hosting/service can begin.  Agreement forms are provided to resellers.  They can be easily customized for your business.